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Engineering services

The company's employees provide all the engineering capabilities, attention to detail, technology and innovation, as well as a passion for excellence. We apply technical knowledge and passion for work to design, develop and maintain world-class products

Top of the class, always

Nevoa provides a number of benefits for customers when using the company's services, you will receive not only high-quality design work, but also complete technical product documentation. In addition, we design and manufacture tools (molds and dies) and arrange the start of mass production
  • High-quality standards
  • Outstanding work velocity
  • The best solution in development
  • An experienced team
  • Quality assurance
  • Competitive pricing


3d product modeling (DFM)

The process of designing a 3d model of a product is based on a conceptual design, a sketch of a client, an outdated project is corrected or modernized. When designing, attention is paid to the elegant appearance, the internal elements of the parts are worked out in detail and the manufacturability of production is taken into account

Technical documentation

The formation of technical documentation is based on the created 3d models, assembly of products or projects from the customer. From our side, drawings and specifications are provided for the design and manufacture of molds (hot runner, cold runner, ILM, IMD, etc.) and dies

Choice of materials

Assistance in the selection of materials for products, taking into account the intended operation. Compilation of reports on the acceptability of the use of raw materials for the product, on the conductivity or resistivity of the material

Computer testing of products

Using state-of-the-art testing technologies, we test products for overheating, test the spillage of plastic parts, optimize obsolete products, and check the flow of liquids and air

PCB design

Printed circuit board design combines the placement of all components and routing to define electrical connections. We are apply reverse engineering (backwards engineering) to convert obsolete PCBs and images into highly detailed 3d models
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We are provides services for the design and production of products, devices, and mechanisms for various fields of activity and life, medical products, devices for work and business, entertainment gadgets and devices for a comfortable life

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