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Frequently Asked Questions

In the FAQ section you can find common questions about our company, services and our products. If you don't find the answer you need, please contact us
Popular questions

Which country is your company located in?

Our headquarters is in Montenegro

In what languages can I contact you?

You can contact us in: English, Russian and Serbian

How many years have you been working in the field of mechanical engineering?

We have over 30 years of experience in industrial design, mold design and more

The company

Where can I read information about your company?

All information about us and our clients you can find on the page

On which page can I find out your goals?

You can find out about all our goals on the page

What does partnership with you give me?

The partnership gives you a low price for certain services, as well as your projects, become a priority. More information can be found on the page

Social networks

There is a page of our company in many popular social networks, in the list below you can sign where it is most convenient for you

For business connections:

Useful information and communication:

Telegram channels:



Where can I see all your services?

You can get acquainted with all the services of the company on the page

How to order your services?

You can send a project for calculation and order certain services on each page of the service provided or use the contact form


How long does it take to design a product?

Product design depends on its complexity, before starting work, we calculate the approximate development time

Can I make changes while working?

Yes, you can send all the changes you need, which will be included in the product design


How to order a tool?

You can send your project for the calculation of molds and dies from the services page or use the contact form

Do you make prototypes?

Yes, send us your project, and we will calculate the cost and timing of the prototype, use the contact form

Do you inform about the work process?

Yes, during the process of designing and manufacturing tools (molds and dies), we send information, photo or video reports

Do you organize logistics?

Logistics is carried out in all directions around the world

Do you still have questions left?

We are provides services for the design and production of products, devices, and mechanisms for various fields of activity and life, medical products, devices for work and business, entertainment gadgets and devices for a comfortable life

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